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Supporting Young People in Berkhamsted

The Swan Youth Centre successfully delivers to 12 - 18 years from Berkhamsted and the surrounding villages a safe, alcohol and drug free environment in which to meet with friends, discuss issues that affect them, and participate in a range of diverse and rewarding activities.

Involving Young People.  The Swan Youth Centre engages young people in positive activities by giving them a sense of ownership and responsibility by including them in decision-making and project delivery.  We have developed a Formal Member Volunteer Programme where they receive support and encouragement in their volunteering.  Their hours are monitored and they receive certificates in recognition of their valued contribution.

Informed Choices.  Members can receive support and information to enable them to make informed choices about issues that concern them regarding drugs, alcohol, relationships and our sexual health project enables members to sign up for the C-Card (National Condom distribution scheme) and Chlamydia screening. 

Creative Learning. Young people are offered creative learning through arts, music and citizenship and encouraged to enjoy new experiences by participating in activities such as drama, skate boarding and video making.  They have the opportunity to gain a sense of achievement when completing something they would not otherwise normally experience, e.g. performing in a band to an audience for the first time.

Outreach Work.  Outreach work is delivered in the local schools and community groups, and at the local skate park and football pitch to engage with the more hard to reach members of the community.  We also have good links with the local Housing Foyer for homeless young people and encourage them to use our Centre and all the services we offer.

Training Opportunities. Members also have the opportunity to attend many different training workshops such as Drugs Awareness, Careers, First Aid and Young Youth Worker courses, and develop organisational skills, budgeting skills and experience of working as a team when helping to plan the different activities.

Brilliant Facilities.  The Centre is well equipped with a DJ Booth, pool table, table football, Internet room, chill-out room, air hockey, Wii & Xbox, coffee bar and a fully equipped band practice room with drum kit.  Our regular activities include:-

  • After School Drop-in 3 - 6pm Mon, Tues,Wed, Thurs, Fri
  • Year 7 and 8 night on Tuesdays
  • Youth Council meetings 4.30-6pm Wednesdays once or twice per month
  • Gig Nights 7-10.30pm once per month
  • Staffed skate park sessions on Saturdays from 3:30-5:30

We also offer specialised nights, trips out and a yearly Swan Summer Getaway (a five day residential trip), all at affordable costs so that young people from low income families are not excluded. Members are offered opportunities to participate in sporting events such as five-a-side football, yoga, dance, and trips to skate parks.  Our Swan Skater members deliver skate coaching session to younger members of the community in holiday times at the local skate park.

‘there are very few places you can go to and feel totally safe and at ease"

“knowing there are staff that will listen to me and help me with my problems is great”

‘when I needed to look for a part time job, staff helped me write a CV which was really helpful”

Your Support.  Our hard working team are continually fund-raising to cover the operational costs of the Swan Youth Centre.  We welcome sponsorship from businesses, for example featuring us as your Charity of the Year, monthly donations or hiring out the Centre for Business meetings.  The Swan Youth Centre has a board of Trustees and we also welcome interest from new Trustees.

Penny Perry - Co-ordinator

Swan Youth Centre

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