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At Affinity Water, we are committed to delivering a high quality water service to our customers and our communities. We currently supply 900 million litres of water each day to a population of more than 3.5 million in south east England.

We have an ambition to be the leading community-focused water company and we aim to provide a professional, friendly and efficient service to all our customers. Every week, we proactively seek the views of over 1,000 customers through our Voice of the Customer programme. We use this feedback to shape the service we provide to our customers.

We have just produced our Business Plan for 2015-2020, setting out how we intend to meet customers’ expectations of us over the next five years. We engaged with over 12,500 customers to help shape our Plan, which includes measures to reduce leakage by 14% and to abstract less water from underground sources, so that we can leave more water in the environment.

In April, our regulator, Ofwat, announced that we had put forward an ‘Enhanced’ Business Plan – one of only two companies out of nineteen water and sewerage companies in the UK to do so. We believe this was partly a result of the way we engaged with our customers and shaped our plan to meet their expectations.

We work in a highly regulated sector, but we know that alone doesn’t drive great customer service. In order to have legitimacy with our customers, we understand how important it is to communicate with them, listen to their views and respond to the feedback they give us. By engaging effectively with our customers, we will deliver a high quality, value for money service and make sure we are meeting the needs of the communities we serve.

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